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The Artist

“The first 45 years were the hardest,” Weinstein smiles, adding that he has always maneuvered his life to find his art. He painted in the dorm room when the university had no studio space, wedged in a year at the Louvre during college, found fellowships for an MFA, and always taught with blocks of studio time. Weinstein’s homes have working spaces so they can be the centers of his days. He and his wife, Nina, arranged a life where art would co-exist with family. Weinstein’s resulting career has taken shape with determination and focus.

…Alan alone remains … still without pretense… performing his art and in doing so performing his life, as though doubt and distractions were options one merely does not exercise, countries one chooses not to visit.”

Clark Blaise, author
From Alan Weinstein:  20 Years

“…Looking at a number of paintings simultaneously adds new dimensions to each one… above all for the daring use of colour. In the paintings of the past ten years, Alan Weinstein reveals himself to be a superb colourist.”

Rick Archbold, author
From Alan Weinstein: Ten Years

“Weinstein, the artist, is as intriguing as his work.  In person, he is down-to-earth, with a razor-sharp yet always-considerate wit.  While embracing art, he has embraced life, family and nature with equal enthusiasm – providing the experiences, motivations and perspectives that have always driven his work.

I enjoy and collect his art, and value his opinions. He is extremely knowledgeable, with a nurturing conversational style that leads one to one’s own realizations and discoveries about art, and life.

Weinstein’s talent and intelligence continue to push him in new and exciting directions.  I am delighted that the quality and significance of this body of work is finally beginning to gain widespread recognition and respect.”

Michael F. Burger, Esq.
Fort Lauderdale, FL